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[Officiel] - An Braz - le hussard des mots

"Evoquant dans ses poèmes des thèmes aussi divers que les problèmes de société, le quotidien, l'amour... ; de coup de gueules en coups de coeur, An Braz laisse filer sa poésie sur les rives du Styx et ailleurs..." Cyr

The Wild Orchid

(Traduction de / translation of L'Orchidée Sauvage)



I find myself wanting to look gently open

This wild and delicate poppy,

Wanting to lightly touch from fingertips

The sumptuous petals of this secret orchid.


I find myself wanting to put my lips on your lips,

Feel their sweet and addictive dampness,

Trying to slip my tongue in

Up to catch the glottis they encase.


I find myself wanting to return to childhood

And take back the teat,

Wanting to keep it in mouth

And fall in tears if I was deprive of it. 


I find myself wanting to taste this grail

And its holy water of wonder,

Wanting to dip my finger

In the blood engendered in its heart.


I find myself wanting to deploy a siege tower

And achieve a breakthrough

In this glorious stronghold

In front of which the greatest heroes fallen.


© An Braz

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